The band recently spent a fantastic day and gig night with our band photographer. We had a blast posing and playing and getting in front of the lens.

                                Photography courtesy of M.C. Photography

                                                   Meranda Campbell


Steve Keevill is drummer, harmony vocalist and occasional lead vocalist for CROSSROADS. He may occasionally pick up guitar or bass as well. Steve brings many years of playing and performing to the band and has also done sound for many artists on the road. He also runs a successful recording studio and has recorded the band tracks on this site. With the many things Steve does, he could add juggler to his list of credentials.

Ray Olson is lead guitar player, lead vocalist and picks up the bass from time to time in CROSSROADS. Many years of touring professionally, singing, songwriting and recording have made him a great asset to CROSSROADS. He brings valuable experience, a penchant for perfectionism and often a disappointing fast food sandwich to rehearsals. 

Mark Vernon is bass player, lead vocalist and sometimes keyboard player for CROSSROADS. He has been playing music his whole life and brings that experience of always being able to get it right and get it tight. He has opened his home to frequent rehearsals, hauled tons of gear and is known as the guy who never met an instrument he couldn't make music with.

Kathy Carter is lead vocalist, plays rhythm guitar and keys and occasionally picks up the bass for CROSSROADS. She is learning to play drums and enjoys bashing the skins immensely. She eats, dreams and sleeps CROSSROADS and also works hard to support other bands and keep live music playing. She is delighted to finally have 3 big brothers who put up with her very patiently.